Splash Run, also known as the Expressive 5k Ever, is a challenging non-competitive 5km fun run. Go through our unique unforgettable course with your friends, family or peers and capture the moments for sharing and expressed it in your digital platform. Be a splash runner and enjoy the experiences!


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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ancol Taman Impian, Jakarta Utara

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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ancol Taman Impian, Jakarta Utara

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Splash Run packages are available in 2 types, as described below. We encourage proper attire and decent behaviour for participation in Splash Run event at all time.

Happy Package


Rp 300.000

Tatoo Sticker
RFID wristband

exciting package


Rp 500.000

Temporary Tattoo
RFID wristband with Rp 50,000 Game Token
Waterproof HP Pouch

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Registration starts at 3pm and the run will kick off at 3.30pm. SPLASHRUN will be held at Ancol Taman Impian, Jakarta.

Absolutely not! If you think you can enjoy getting run or just walk, crawl for 5KM then SPLAHSRUN is for you.

We welcome people of all ages. Please note all children 5 years and under can run with an adult for free.

SPLAHSRUN is a non-competitive, non-timed event.

Most likely!. Do bring some sun-block! It’s all up to you.

Of course! But please be careful as you already know it’s the Expressive challenge with props and with “Splashy” things. So make sure that you have it protected.

Sorry no pets are allowed.

Yes, we have food stalls around the Splash Town to buy.

Unfortunately no, this event is for paid participants.

Race kit collection will happen in a week or two before the event date. We will inform you the details as soon as possible.

No problem. As long as you have a representative come with a printed or electronic copy of your confirmation email with the authorization letter you still can collect your race kit.

There are first aid stations located along the track and the party area so any injuries will be attended by the appropriate medical staff.

We don’t give any refund for non-completion of the event.

Click here for Terms and Conditions


By taking part in SPLASH RUN (hereinafter the “EVENTS”), including but not limited to register on this website, a participant (hereinafter referred to as “INDIVIDUALS”) accept and agree to abide by and be bound over all the rules and regulations, terms and conditions of events applied by apprentice ACL (hereinafter the “Operator”).

  1. INDIVIDUAL ascertain and declare the truth of all the information provided at the time of registration. Organizers have the right to require INDIVIDUAL show official identification document (such as ID card, passport or driving license) in order to participate in this event, if deemed necessary. If according to the organizers of divergence, may be disqualified from the INDIVIDUAL EVENTS.
  2. INDIVIDUAL fully responsible for and bear all risk in the form of bodily injury, death, or property damage which may be suffered or acquired INDIVIDUAL for participating in this event and where the injury, death or property damage may arise, as a result of, or as part of, or caused by or due to negligence and / or waiver of provisions (as shown below) or one of them or other things, and despite the same thing happened before, after or while competing and / or participate in the event. INDIVIDUAL understand and acknowledge that there are risks and hazards associated with participation in this event that can cause bodily injury, disability, and death. All the risks and dangers associated with participation in this event was conceived by INDIVIDUAL despite all the risks and dangers may be caused by neglect and other provisions.
  3. In relation to the risks incurred by INDIVIDUAL, INDIVIDUAL then release, neglect, and agree not to sue the organizers / promoters, participants, Sponsor Events and Event PR agency, participating partners, which ensures the organization, (or other affiliate) , officials, owners of vehicles, drivers, sponsors, advertisers, owners, tenants, lessors of the race, which organized the event and its officers, agents, and employees (for the purposes mentioned will be referred to as the Press ) from all liability to yourself, your personal representative you, assigns, and its implementation, from any and all claims, demands, losses or damages of the INDIVIDUAL or property damage, missed it happened or caused or alleged to be caused in whole or partly due to the negligence or other Pers.
  4. With INDIVIDUAL agree that this Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Damages Agreement referred to in point 3 above, including negligence rescue operation (if any) and are intended as broad as possible and include as much as permitted by the laws of Indonesia, where this event held.
  5. INDIVIDUAL understand that the registration fee is paid to the Operator INDIVIDUAL Events, Event will incur huge costs and expenses for the organization of events. Hereby INDIVIDUAL agree that in case the conditions in which the race was canceled due to conditions beyond the power penyelanggara SPLASH RUN including but not limited to storms, rain, ocean tides or weather, wind, or the power of God or an act of terrorism or other conditions, money individual registration is not refundable.
  6. Once registration is completed, the INDIVIDUAL who ultimately can not participate in the SPLASH RUN will not get a refund of registration.
  7. A copy of the confirmation email together with one (1) pieces of government-issued ID must be presented by INDIVIDUALS when taking race package. Power of attorney is accompanied by a copy of the identification required if INDIVIDUAL taking race package on behalf INDIVIDUAL others.
  8. Pack the race shall be taken in accordance with the decision that has been scheduled. Requests to retrieve after a day that has been set will not be served.
  9. INDIVIDUAL aged under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when taking race package. Parents or guardians will be required to sign an agreement and show a government issued form of ID card / passport / driver’s license.
  10. INDIVIDUAL required to use numbers chest / RFID Bracelet race that has been provided. INDIVIDUAL who did not use to be asked to get out of these by security personnel and / or the Operator.
  11. Road closures will end after two hours since the competition began. INDIVIDUAL who continued the race allowed to continue the race but to bear its own on the risks that may arise:
    1. Operator and / or has the right to terminate at any time road closures earlier than scheduled at the discretion of the organizers;
    2. Ending the road closure by the consent of government authorities if the closure of the road ends early
  12. Pets, bicycles, roller skates, strollers, stroller, shoes that can be mounted on wheels or wheels and other objects that have wheels are not allowed to be in the official race route other than vehicles and medical vehicles.
  13. The race route can be changed at any time for reasons of security and traffic considerations.
  14. All prizes are awarded based on inventory in which the Operator has the right to cancel, modify, change or cancel any reward at any time with or without notice to participants.
  15. All prizes can not be exchanged and can not be exchanged for any condition whatsoever.
  16. The organizer has the right to require INDIVIDUAL show official identification document (such as ID card, passport or driver’s license) is required to support the submission of disputes or protests.
  17. By participating in this event, INDIVIDUAL agreed to take part in any promotion or publicity will be done by and with this ORGANIZERS OF INDIVIDUALS and unconditionally entitles ORGANIZERS to record and use the participant’s performance, appearance, likeness, name, voice and / or certain things from INDIVIDUAL (if possible) in any way ORGANIZERS deem appropriate. INDIVIDUAL know that ORGANIZERS will have the freedom to publish and use any form of recordings made by the ORGANIZER, including but not limited to recording telephone, sound recordings, visual recordings and photos (if any), for purposes of promotion and publicity Event (now or in the future which will come). If possible, each INDIVIDUAL ignore all forms of intellectual property rights which INDIVIDUALS may get or has under the law (and all advanced rules or amendments further) relating to records that have been mentioned earlier and other forms or moral rights that participants may have or get the name of the law.
  18. The organizer has the right to restrict and / or deny registration to attend the Event INDIVIDUAL without notifying any reason.
  19. The organizer has the right to change any terms and conditions and / or terminate the discretion of the Event Organizers and / or it was done without prior notice
Click here for Wristband Instruction

Wristband Instruction


  1. Wear wristband on your left wrist.
  2. Grab the end of the wristband and simply tighten by sliding the slide lock towards the wrist.
  3. Make sure it’s tight, but no too tight, so it doesn’t come off (the wristband should be tight enough that you can slip 1 (one) finger between your wrist and your wristband).
  4. Slides one-way and cannot be loosened once the wristband is fitted to your wrist.
  5. You only get one shot at this, so we suggest that you seek the help of another person when applying the wristband.
  6. If you remove or otherwise tamper or misplace your wristband, it will be considered VOID and WILL NOT be replaced.

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